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Special Education Resource Leads

Improving Outcomes for Multilingual Students with Exceptional Needs:
Project MuSE

The Special Education Resource Leads work as capacity builders, connectors, and facilitators to ensure an integrated educational system in California meets the needs of all learners, including students with disabilities. The statewide system of support (SSOS) is comprised of state-funded initiatives to provide coordinated, needs-based, and differentiated resources and support to LEAs. Through the legislative charge, Ed Code Section 52073, Imperial County SELPA was selected to provide evidence-based best practices, resources and training to LEAs for students with disabilities who are also English Learners.

Given the complex needs of English learners with Disabilities, the Imperial County SELPA provides statewide in-person and virtual training opportunities for teachers, teacher-leads/coaches, support personnel, general & special education service providers, and administrators.

The Imperial County SELPA is committed to building the collective efficacy of general & special educators and their leaders, within every SELPA, to advance the achievement of English learners with Disabilities locally and across the state.

Project MuSE in Media

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